SOLA Giving Day

2021 Recap

SOLA Giving Day is an annual giving movement connecting donors and dollars to nonprofits and their funding needs. It is also a unique opportunity to celebrate and increase philanthropy in South Louisiana through online giving. This event helps raise awareness about the critical role nonprofits play in our communities, and it inspires people to give generously to create a stronger, more spirited South Louisiana for all.


Our goal this year was $2,000. Although we did not meet our goal, we were able to raise $1,299. This will go a long way in getting our life skills classes launched. Check out the videos below to hear all of our board members discuss SOLA Giving Day. 

SOLA Giving Day 2021 Total .png

Board Members
Discuss SOLA Giving Day

The Family Connection Board Members sat down recently to discuss why they are a part of the Board of Directors. They also talked about the importance of SOLA Giving Day for our organization. This is a great opportunity to hear their hearts and get to know them better.