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Helping Youth Transition Out of Foster Care

Changing Trajectories

The majority of youth who exit foster care are ill-equipped to face the challenges of adulthood — and the statistics prove it. After turning 18, 20% of aged-out foster children will instantly become homeless. 25% of these children will suffer from PTSD and only 3% will earn a college degree. 


At the Family Connection, we’re fighting to change those numbers. Our team of mentors and educators provide the support and preparation these young adults need for independent living.

Young Adult in Foster Care

Our Services

Life Prep Courses    Independent Living Guidance
Educational Development    Career Guidance
Case Management

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Help Us Pave New Paths

With your support, we can help these young adults easily transition into a post-foster care world. From emotional support and housing assistance to career guidance and life skills classes, our team offers a variety of services to ensure every kid has the tools and confidence they need to embrace adulthood.

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